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2.2. YouTube Account Creation and Verify

Creating and Verifying a YouTube Account

Verifying a YouTube Account:      (Click here for Uploading and Sharing Videos)

1.      Create a Google account.  This can be a Gmail account or a YouTube Account

2.      In order to upload videos longer than 15 minutes, you will need to Verify this account.  To do this, log in to YouTube

3.      Next, go to the YouTube Account Settings


4.      Under the account settings, find and click on the link to View additional features



5.      Next, under the Unlimited Uploads feature, click the “Enable” button.

6.      Make sure the SMS Verification option is checked, then enter your mobile phone number and click Submit.  YouTube will now send you a text with a verification code.  Enter that verification code into the box on the next screen.

7.      Your account should now be verified.  You can confirm this by going back to steps 1-4 and when you get to the Additional Features page, it should look like this:


(If you need further help on the verification step, please see our tutorial: http://youtu.be/w1Ro6r5Lo6U

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