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7.5. Send a Fax through a Printer

Please note most printers on the Mequon campus cannot send or receive faxes. If you would like to send a fax, please stop by the IT Help-Desk located in Rinker 103.

1. Scan your Falcon One card on the card scanner.

2. Select Use Copier Functions and then select Scan & Send.

4. The To and From field will be the same. Delete the To field and tap on Fax.

5. If you are sending a fax off-campus enter 91 and then the number you want to send it to. Tap the + sign to add your number into the To field.

6. Click on the blue start button and place your paper upside down in the copier.

7. If there are more pages you would like to send select “Yes” and add the new pages. Otherwise, Select “No” to start faxing the documents.

8. It will take a few moments for the scanned documents to be faxed. Once complete, a page will be printed with confirmation that it was sent.

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