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7.6. Send a Fax through a Printer

Send a Fax from the Printer

1. Scan your ID card on the printer.

2. Press the Scan button.

3. Press the Fax Button.

4. You will then be taken to the screen below. Press the + button in the lower-left corner.

5. On this page, you can click on the box below “Fax number” and a keyboard will appear on the screen. Use this to enter the number you are sending a fax to.

6. Once you have entered the number, press “Okay” on the keyboard. The screen should then look something like this.

7. You can then press the “Add Recipient” button. If you wish to add more recipients, repeat steps 4-6.

8. If you wish to change the settings on the fax, such as sending the fax in color or landscape mode, press the “Change settings” button and select your desired settings.

8a. The currently selected settings will be lighter and have a green bar underneath. To change a setting, click on the option you wish to change the setting to. It will then turn white and get a green bar underneath.

9. Before pressings start, we want to make sure our paper is ready to be scanned. To scan your paper, you have two options:

   a. Using the tray on the top of the printer. Place your paper with the top feeding in first and the contents you want to scan facing you, as    seen in the image below.

   b. Using the scanning bed. Place your paper face-down on the glass with the top and right edges flush with the edge of the bed, as shown in the image below.

10. Once your desired settings have been chosen, press the “Start” button to begin scanning.

11. If you wish to add another page to your fax, repeat step 8 and then press the “Scan next page” button. If you have scanned all the pages you need, press the “Finish” button.

12. Once your fax has been sent, you will receive two emails, one stating that your document has been sent to the fax provider, and a receipt containing your fax and a receipt stating that it has been sent. Screenshots of the two can be seen below.


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