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7.3. Upload and Print in Webprint (Papercut)

1. Navigate to the Web Print login page at: http://cuwprint01.cuw.edu:9191/user and enter your Username (F00 Number) and password. Select Login.

2. Select Web Print on the left side of the new page.

3. Select Submit a Job.

4. Select your desired formatting for the print job. This will influence whether the page is printed in black and white (BW) or color, as well as single-sided or double-sided (DS). To continue, select Print Options and Account Selection.

5. Enter the number of copies you would like to print and select Upload Documents.

6. Select Upload from Computer to search for the documents you want to print or drag and drop the files into the dotted section of the page. To continue, select Upload and Complete.

7. You will see the status of your document on the next page. After a few moments, the status should change to held in a queue. If there is a lot of traffic it may take a few minutes.

8. Locate the nearest printer on campus. Swipe your Falcon One card or enter your Single Sign-On credentials to log in. Select the desired files and then select Print.

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