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4.8. Showing Grades in Multiple Columns

In Blackboard, you can show grades in multiple columns. This will help show different information from the original format (Percentage, Points, Letter Grade, etc.)


1. Open the Full Grade Center:


2. On the top menu bar, click on 'Create Calculated Column', and choose 'Total Column.'



3. In section 1, you can edit general information about the submission:


4. In section 3, Select the Column(s) you want this data in this column to come from.  In 'Include in Total', choose Selected Comoumns and Categories. In columns to select, click on the item you want to use and click on the right arrow by the 'Selected Columns' window to add.


5. In Section 4, Choose 'no' for 'Include this column in Grade Center Calculations.' Also, you may choose to have this column viewable to students.


6. Click submit to finish.  The column will appear at the right side of the gradebook.


7. You may move the column to a different position. In the example above, I would like to move it over one so it's next to the relationship column, 'This is a Test.'

In the toolbar above the gradebook, click on 'Manage' and choose 'Column Organization.'


8. The list shows the order of the current columns in the gradebook.  click and drag on the arrow cross by the left of the name and move to the new position.   Click Submit when finished.





9. After moving, the gradebook will be updated.


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