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7.2. Uploading Your Concordia ID Picture Online

1. Have someone take your picture with a quality cell phone camera (Use Landscape, not Portrait).

2. On that phone, open the browser and go to https://onecard.cuw.edu/oneweb.

3. Login with your Student ID# and password.

4. Next click on the Menu (three lines), and then Account, and then Upload Photo.

5. Click on the Upload button to select your picture.

6. After it shows your photo, click Crop and Rotate to crop it down to head and shoulders.

7. When you are finished, click Submit.

Guidelines for your ID picture:
Please use a high quality picture (in landscape) that shows head and shoulders with a neutral background. (No enhanced or altered photos) We need to be able to see your face and eyes clearly. Glasses are okay, but no sun glasses. No hats or head coverings allowed, except for religious purposes. Pictures that don't meet the standards will be rejected. Thank you for your cooperation!

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