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4.13. Re-grading Blackboard Assessments

1. In the Full Grade Center, choose "Tests"


2. Go to the column for the test you want to edit and pull down the option arrow to the right of the column name.


3. Choose "Edit Test"





The "Test Canvas" window will open:


4. To give full points to all students for one question, click on the points window on the right side of the question panel.



The "Points" bar will open.


5. Click on the option to give "Full Credit"

6. A pop-up box will warn you that this will affect all students' submissions; click on "OK"

7. The click on the "Submit and Re-grade" button.



8. When you reopen any student's submission for that test you will note that the point area now says "X out of X points (Full credit)," even though the student's wrong answer is still noted.




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