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4.12. Manual Override of a Grade

In Blackboard, you can quickly override a grade:


1.  On the left side of the course home page under Course Management., click on 'Grade Center' to expand menu.  Click on 'Full Grade Center.'


2.  Click over the grade you want to change.  It will turn into an text box.



3.  After changing the grade, press enter.  An orange triangle will appear in the top left to show the grade has been manually overridden.




To Revert the Grade:


1. Go to the grade in Grade Center, click on the down arrow to expand the menu.  Click on the Attempt that you want to revert the grade..



3.  Once the assignment opens, Click on Test Information to expand information.




4.  Click on 'Revert'  a warning will pop up confirming the change.  Click OK.


The Test information will show that it is the original grade.





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