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4.5. Edit Column Information

This page shows how to edit information in a grade column, which includes:


1. Open the Full Grade Center to view all grade book columns.

2. Click on the down arrow to the right of the column name you want to edit.  It will give you this menu:

2. To change column information, click on 'Edit Column Information:'

3. In Section 1, you can edit general information about the submission:

4. In Section 2, you can change the Due Date.

5. In Section 3, you can edit additional items including student viewing.

6.  Click Submit when finished.  The Grade Center will be updated.  If you chose a Secondary display, it will be shown in parenthesis next to the Primary Display in the column

An example with Secondary Display added (Main: Percentage, Secondary: Points):

The small orange triangle represents I have manually changed (override) the grade.

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