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10.1. Download, Install, and Log in to Zoom

If you would like a video guide to downloading, installing and login into Zoom Click Here.

1. Go to https://cuwaa.zoom.us/.

2. In the Download Center click on Download, under Zoom Desktop Client.

3. The Zoom installer file will appear in one of the following places: at the bottom left of your computer screen, at the top right, or in your Downloads folder.

4. Click on the Zoom Installer to install it. It will take a few moments to finish installing. Once done, the Zoom app will appear on the sign-in screen.

5. Select Sign In.

6. Select the SSO sign-in option, enter CUWAA, and then select


7. Enter your Single Sign-On username and password and select Login. You will then be logged in to Zoom.

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