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9.2. Share Files in Microsoft OneDrive

1. In any Internet browser navigate to https://onedrive.live.com/about/en-us/signin/.  Enter your CUW/CUAA email address and then click next. Ener your password to finish signing in.


2. The following message might appear after signing in. Select either Yes or No to continue.  Selecting No is the more secure option.


3. On your OneDrive page, click “+ Add New” and then select the document type you want to create.  For the purpose of this tutorial we’ll use a Word Document


4. Name and add content to your document and then click the blue Share button at the top right-hand corner of the screen. It will then bring down a small menu. Select Share from the new menu.

5. To share an already existing document you can select the icon shown below in web portal. The Icon will appear next to the name of the file.

6. A new menu will appear. In the first section add the group or individual people you want to share this document with. The second section will add a message to the email that is sent with the link to the document.

7. For Sharing option click on the text “People in your organization with the link can view.” A new menu will appear with the following permission options.

  1. People in Concordia University Wisconsin with the link: Only CUWAA users that you send the link to will have the permissions that you set
  2. People with existing access: This option will resend the link to anyone who already has access.
  3. Specific People: Email addresses you specify will have the permissions that you set.


Please Note that you will not be able to share OneDrive documents with people who are outside of Concordia.


Under “More setting” the first option will allow you to set who can make edits or request edits to the document

  1. Can Edit: Make any changes
  2. Can Review: Can only suggest changes
  3. Can View: Can’t make changes

Block download:  Prevent users from downloading a copy of the document


8. To save the sharing permission that your have selected click “Apply”. It will then bring you back to the previous menu.

9. Once you have selected your share permissions and added the users to share with click Send (optionally you can select "Copy Link"). It will then display a message showing that a link to the document has been sent.


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