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3.4. Embedding a YouTube Video in a Blackboard Course

While the current "YouTube embed" tool is broken in Concordia's version of Blackboard, here is a work-around that uses YouTube directly.  The result is the same, it just takes a few more steps.  You will need a YouTube Account, or a Gmail account (both free) in order to use this option in Blackboard.  If you have not already done so, you will want to create one of these accounts before watching the video below (a step by step list is included below the video).


  1. Find the Video on YouTube
  2. Find the SHARE option under the video on the right
  3. Choose the EMBED option which should be the first option
  4. Highlight and copy the embed code on the right side of the screen
  5. Go to Blackboard and open the item where you want to embed the video
  6. On the toolbar locate the item on the toolbar that has the letters HTML on it
  7. Click on it and a box appears
  8. paste the embed code in the box and click ok
  9. Click SUBMIT to embed the video into Blackboard

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