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6.1. Course Design Previewer Content Permissions

Course Design Previewers might not have specific access to content throught the Master course.  Instructional designers can add read only rights to course previewers:


1.  Enter the selected Masters course.  In the left task bar under Course Management, Open content collection and click on the course that you are in.



2.  The main window will show all the content of the course.  Click on Permissions on the right side next to an item  . (NOTE: You will need to change permission to each item in the list; there is no bulk change. The imported folder will have permissions set; it is only for new content.)


3. When in permissions, Click on 'Select Specific Users by Place' then 'Course.'



4.  The settings window will appear.  In section 1, chose ONLY the course you are currently are working in.


In Section 2, choose 'Course Design Preview.'


In Section 3, 'Read' should only be checked.


5. Click Submit.  The list of permissions will include the new group permission.  On this screen, you can confirm that this group only has Read-only rights.

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