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4.2. Grading Notifications

There are multiple ways you can find Assignments that need to be graded.


On Blackboard Main Page:


A. Notification area:


1. In the upper right corner next to your name, click on the down arrow.  Then click on the Alarm Clock Notification Alert.



2.  A page will open with all course updates.  Click on 'Open' to open the attempt, 'Grade' to view and grade attempt, and 'Dismiss' to remove item from this list.

 Notification Update


 NOTE: Items in the notification area will disappear after a period of time or after you have completed the task.  To view dismissed tasks (graded assignments), go to the 'Needs Grading' in the course (see below) or directly to the Grade Center.



In the Course:


A. 'Needs Grading'


1. When in the course, click on 'Grade Center' then 'Needs Grading' 

Needs Grading


2.  A list of items that needs to be graded will appear.  Click on the students name to grade.

Needs Grading

3.  You can also choose to grade all submissions.  Hover over an 'Item Name.' A drop-down menu will appear.  Choose the grading option.

Grade All


B. Grade through Gradebook:


1.  Go to 'Grade Center' choose 'Full Grade Center' (or choose an available category below)


Grade Center


2.  After the Grade Center opens, a yellow exclamation point Needs to be Graded will appear in a grade column to identify all submissions ungraded.

Gradebook Needs to be Graded

3. Hover mouse over the assignment to be graded. a Drop menu will appear.  Click on 'Attempt <Date>' to view and Grade.


Needs Grading GB options


 NOTE: To view items after being graded, go to Grade Center, click on 'Full Grade Center'.  You can view attempts by doing going to the column and view attempt in the drop down menu (see #3 above).



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