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Gaussian Client Setup

Instructions for installing the necessary software to use the Gaussian remote client (Natural Science - Jordan Beck - Andrea Imhoff)

1. Setup and Configuration

1.1. Download Home Edition - Installer



Select Home Edition (Installer)

1.2. Create New Session

1.  Open MobaXterm

2.  Click "Session" in the toolbar

3.  Select SSH

4.  In "Remote Host" type "gaussian.cuw.edu"

5.  Click OK to connect

6.  Log in to test

1.3. Create Desktop Icon

1.  Right-click on the "gaussian.cuw.edu" session made in the previous step

2.  Click "Create a desktop shortcut"

3.  In Shortcut Options, tick the "Close MobaXterm on exit" box

4.  Click OK

5.  Go to the desktop and double-click your new shortcut to confirm functionality