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1. Playing and Downloading Recordings

1.1. Downloading a panopto recording to your computer through ANGEL

1.2. Downloading a Panopto Recording that does NOT appear under the Resources Tab in ANGEL

If you need to download a Panopto Recording that does not appear on the Panopto widget on your Resources tab in ANGEL, but instead has a link somewhere else in the course, here are the steps:

1.3. Sync Roster for Panopto & ANGEL

2. Policies

2.1. File Retention Policy

Panopto File Retention Policy


Policy: Panopto digital video course recordings 2 years old or older will be removed from disk storage.

Intention: This policy will help ensure the smooth operation of lecture capture services at Concordia while keeping our systems from being overburdened by unused recordings.  The schedule for removal is as follows:


Removal Date

Folders that will be removed



Folders created in 201130 or before 01/01/2011



Folders created in 201210 or before 07/01/2011



Folders created in 201230 or before 01/01/2012



Folders created in 201310 or before 07/01/2012

This schedule will continue in the pattern for future terms...




If you are reusing recordings over multiple semesters you will need to roll your recordings into a new course folder before the removal date. Notices of intention to remove files will be made to the file owners through email.

Other changes to the Panopto system worth noting:

  • New folders must be created by using the ANGEL nugget in order to ensure proper folder creation
  • Only ANGEL authentication will be used in the recorder and web interface.
  • Special use cases, please contact a Panopto Administrator.