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2.2. Online Learning Test Taking Policy

If your course requires you to take an exam in Blackboard please follow these steps to ensure you have a successful test taking experience:





If you experience a technical difficulty during your test please do the following:

1.         Make a note of what time you stopped the exam and of any error messages that occur.

2.         Immediately E-mail your instructor to let them know there was a problem and to document the time that your test stopped functioning.

3.         Attempt to re-enter the exam and if successful, finish and submit the exam.

3.         If you are not able to re-enter the exam, submit a support request to blackboardsupport@cuw.edu or find additional resources in the Help & Support Tab in Blackboard.

4.         Your instructor will communicate with the Blackboard support team to determine your access to finish the test.


NOTE: Please disregard this information if your instructor requires you to take an exam at a test site. These tips are only if you are taking an BLACKBOARD test/quiz on your own computer.


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