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8.3. Creating a Turnitin Drop Box for Draft Assignments

The purporse of creating a Turnitin draft assignments drop box is to:

  1. Allow students to submit a draft copy, edit, and resubmit the same assignment
  2. The document will not be submitted to the repository but will still have an originality report created 
  3. Have a non-graded assignment (not attached to gradebook). If the assignment is for a grade, please refer to 'Creating a Turnitin Drop Box for Graded Assignments'


To create a Turnitin drop box (draft only):


1.  Click on the "Lessons" tab. Then click on 'Add Content', and 'Turnitin Drop Box'.


2.  On the new window, select 'Paper Assignment'. then 'Next Step'.

Select Assignment


3.  Type in the Assignment Name and Enter dates.  Click on optional Settings to expand.

Add New Assignment


4.  Enter Special Instructions and edit the following questions, if needed.  Click on the ? to see a description.

Optiional Questions


Optional Questions 2

5.  For 'Submit papers to:' the option 'no repository' must be selected. NOTE: If the draft assignment is submitted to the repository, the final assignment will have an originality report showing 100% plagarized.

Optional Question 3

6. Edit all other options, if needed.  Click 'Submit' when finished.

Options Complete



If you have any issues or have a question, please contact the ANGEL helpdesk angelsupport@cuw.edu

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