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3.3. DSST (Dantes) or Clep Tests

Please see CUW's additional means to receive credit page for information on Dantes or Clep exams.


CLEP and DANTES examinations are non-traditional approaches to earn credit in Concordia's School of Adult Education.  The credits earned can only be applied in the elective category, except they can be used in the core categories of Physical Development and Mathematics.
Important Policies to Know
CLEP and DANTES tests do not count toward the completion of the Concordia residency requirement of 48 credits. CLEP and DANTES exams are transfer credits and will count against the 80 credit maximum transfer limit. Students will not be awarded credit for CLEP/DANTES exams which duplicate, in any way, coursework for which transfer credit has been previously awarded or courses which are part of their program at Concordia.  Likewise, if a student is awarded credit for a CLEP/DANTES exam, coursework or portfolio credit in the same subject area will be denied.
Study guides and exam information are available at the CLEP and DANTES websites.
CLEP:  www.collegeboard.com/clep
DANTES:  http://www.getcollegecredit.com/
Concordia students considering CLEP or DANTES examinations should talk it over with their adult education advisor and request a copy of the current year's informational pamphlet on which courses are approved and how to apply to take the examination.  For all non-Concordia credits, including CLEP/DANTES, use the "Transfer Request" form for approval prior to taking the course.  

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