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4.3. Recording Voice Over Microsoft Powerpoint


These are instructions for Powerpoint 2007.  For PowerPoint 2013, view video here.

  1. Open Powerpoint 2007
  2. Select "Slide Show" Tab
  3. Select "Record Narration"
  4. Select "Change Quality"
  5. In Sound Selection under the pull down menu "Attributes" ensure that the setting is "11.025kHz, 16 Bit, Mono       21kb/sec"
  6. This will be the only time you will need to select the quaility of audio
  7. Click OK and then click OK in the "Record Narration" window
  8. Upon selecting OK on "Record Narration" The Current Slide will enter full screen and record immediately
  9. Once done recording audio hit ESC key. Select Save or Don't Save
  10. After recording audio there will appear a small icon in the bottom left hand corner of the selected slide
  11. After double clicking on the icon a set of sound options will appear across the top
  12. These options will allow you to preview the audio on the selected slide and adjust volume levels.
  13. After each completed slide hit SAVE
  14. Then continue to add new slides audio selecting the option "Current Slide"

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