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2.4. Outlook

Your CUW Student Email is accessible in Microsoft Outlook from anywhere in the world where you have internet access.  

There are a couple of important details to keep in mind.  Whenever using Outlook, if it ever prompts you for a username, you need to use your entire CUW Email Address (e.g. instead of your Student ID as you normally use to access CUW systems.  Secondly, if it is not accepting your password, it may be because your password has not been synced up correctly between CUW's servers and Microsoft's servers.  You can resync your password simply by "resetting" your password at  (You can "reset" your password to the same thing it currently is if you like)

Microsoft provides very in-depth walkthroughs for setting up your email in Outlook.  Please choose from one of the following links based on which version of Miscorosft Outlook you are using.

Outlook 2007

Outlook 2010

Outlook 2011 for Mac

If you experience any difficulty in setting up Outlook for your CUW email, the IT Help Desk can assist you.  They can be reached at x4357, by email at, or you can submit a request for assistance online at

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